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May 05, 2017

by Xavier University Intern, Rage Maegan Sabuero


 “Due to technology nowadays, ICT is an enabler…. an engine of growth,” said Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Secretary Rodolfo Salalima, during the Forum on ASEAN ICT Masterplan (AIM) 2020: “Harnessing ICT Innovations to Linchpin the Digital Economy” held at Bayfront Hotel, Cebu City on Wednesday, April 26.

 The forum aimed to provide the participants, one of which was Mega Cebu, with a clear understanding of the need to harmonize ICT-enabled services and applications and develop their ICT programs and projects as linchpins to achieve growth or sustain the Philippine Digital Economy.

 The opening began with a series of talks, which imparted stories and touched on DICT and the Digital Economy.

 Among those involved in the discussion was guest speaker, Salalima.

 Salalima discussed the importance of ICT and its role in the country. “DICT is organizing programs for the purposes of being employees, entrepreneurs… to empower people to participate in the government through technology.”

 He especially stressed the need for a government to have one digitized government with a common database to make wise decisions. “In President Duterte’s SONA, the President ordered DICT to prioritize the National Broadband Plan to have access to telecommunications, WiFi which will enable the people to access the broadband and the DICT Portal to have all the services of the government in one place…. all of which are aimed to serve the government and countryside.”

 Salalima also discussed how public and private sectors should be mobilized and engaged to support his initiatives. “…as I cannot do it myself alone,” he added.

 After the intense discussion, the program ended with a Question and Answer portion with Engr. George Tardio and Engr. Antonio Edward Padre on Digital Economy Linchpins.


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