Turning Dreams into Reality

July 05, 2018

by Jenny Lea Tan-Menchavez |

“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”~ Colin Powell

It was only in 2015 when Divine Grace Cañon learned about the Mega Cebu Vision 2050 during an orientation in her high school. She clearly remembers a line from one of the AVPs of Mega Cebu, “Daghan pa jud ta’g mahimo. Let’s be creative and start caring for our Cebu. So, let’s do our share.” This touched Divine so much, she wanted to do something in her own way to help Mega Cebu.

In 2016, when Divine started college, she joined the Club Mega – University of the Philippines Cebu Chapter. It was then that she got involved in educating her peers and family on Mega Cebu. She also volunteered in many Mega Cebu activities.

In April 2017, she was elected as the Club Mega Executive Chairman during their Club Mega planning session. This caught Divine by surprise because she thought it was a big responsibility. “I couldn’t believe I’d be given this rare opportunity to serve Club Mega. I have a lot of dreams for Metro Cebu and it is only a privilege that I can help in making the Mega Cebu vision happen through Club Mega,” said Divine.

Club Mega Team Building and election of officers

Club Mega Growth

For her first term, Divine, together with Dane Kathrine Cabaña, (Club Mega Chairman for Club Growth) and the Club Mega Officers led the improvements in the club’s internal systems and processes. They developed a scorecard to measure the effectiveness of chapters that would then help identify their future interventions to help the chapter.

Several planning sessions were organized including the Club Mega planning in the Kool Adventure Camp in April 2017 where the group agreed on their targets for 2017. These targets include program quality output (i.e. the Club Mega School of Leaders) and organizational development measures. By the end of 2017, the program achieved an average of over 100% of their targets both in program quality and club growth.

To help build more awareness on Mega Cebu awareness and to get more youth involved in Club Mega, social media was employed, establishing presence in Facebook and YouTube. The club created a total of 29 videos on simple things young people can do for Cebu.

Mega Cebu Night at Municipality of Compostela. Club Mega - CNU Chapter

Club Mega Programs

Divine, together with Club Mega’s Chairman on Program Quality, Gian Michael Rojas, saw the need to train the Club Mega officers. In September 2017, the Club Mega School of Leaders was launched, a citizenship and leadership program of Club Mega for its executive and chapter officers.  30 Club Mega officers and members were trained on the following: S-Leadership (God-centered Leadership), Basic Facilitation Skills, Basic Presentation Skills, Urban Development Forum I (Environment), Urban Development Forum II (DRRM), and Project Development and Management).

The Club Mega School of Leaders aims to build the character, enhance competence, and promote active citizenship among the Club Mega officers. The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. – Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center acts as the adviser of CM-SOL in the person of Jenny Lea Tan-Menchavez.

To reach more people, Club Mega organized events like the Mega Cebu Youth Convention last September 2017. This was attended by an estimated 1,500 participants who were treated to a combination of presentations and inspirational talks from personalities such as Cebuano Olympian Mary Joy Tabal and Mayor Christina Frasco of the Municipality of Liloan.  After that event, representatives from two Local Government Units approached Club Mega expressing their interest in creating a club in their communities.

“Aside from the Mega Cebu Youth Convention, one of the biggest achievements of Club Mega was rekindling the sense of citizenship among its members and other fellow youth through our talks and sharing of good practices” Divine added.

In December 2017, Club Mega partnered with the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. – Eduardo Aboitiz Development and Studies Center in their outreach to the Parian and Tinago children. Club Mega donated prizes and managed the entire program.

Club Mega Team Building and election of officers

Reaching dreams together

“My dream for a better Cebu resonate in the Mega Cebu vision. We definitely want a Wholesome, Advanced, Vibrant, Equitable, and Sustainable Cebu for ourselves and our children. Being a Club Mega member is not easy. All of us in Club Mega try to balance school, housework, and our advocacies. However, there is that deep sense of pride on being a Club Mega member because you know that all your efforts will be something beneficial to society. I admire all the Club Mega members and officers for all their efforts and hard work. I am only here to listen to the members, but it is them who make all the Club Mega accomplishments possible. The road was not easy but we will reach our dreams together.”, Divine shared.

Club Mega will be implementing school and community based-projects in 2018: the Bottle Battle Campaign (a project that aims to provide tutorial programs for the youth in Barangay Lahug using the funds gained from the collected PET bottles) of the Club Mega – University of the Philippines Cebu Chapter; Clay-Go (Clean as you go) Research Project of the Club Mega – Cebu Institute of Technology University Chapter; and the Solid Waste Management Project of the Club Mega – Cebu City National Science High School.

Club Mega will also pursue a Water System project in Barangay Mainit, City of Naga led by Givette Ace Sevilla, Club Mega – Cebu Institute of Technology University Chapter member in partnership with the City of Naga and HydroNet Consultants Inc.

“There is a need to create a movement to reach our Mega Cebu goals together as one people of Cebu. This is not only for us but our future generations. Nobody else will make it happen but us. Let’s roll our sleeves and get our hands dirty. We need to start to planting seeds of our dream future today,” Divine added.

Club Mega is a youth group comprising of young leaders in Metro Cebu who aspire to develop themselves as role models and promote awareness on, build support for, get involved in, and contribute in achieving the goals of Mega Cebu.


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